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Picnic spots in or near Sheffield

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Hi All,


Tried in another thread but failed :(


I dont come on here often, but I need your help! I need a nice local picnic area for later this week.


Two favourites are Rother Valley and The Peace Gardens in Sheffield, buuuut I want to go somewhere new (and clean)


It's only for dinner so I don't want to go too far out (but would if it was really good).


Thanks in advance - Any suggestions?

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Graves Park, Meersbrook Park which has great views of Sheffield, Endliffe Park . Millhouses park etc etc Birley Edge near Grenoside is lovely, A little further afield is Cannon Hall near Barnsley, nice riverside areas, Wymingbrook near Lodge Moor..... the choices are endless really, maybe narrow it down a little for more suggestions,

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Thank you - that's already really helpful.

Well, I'm travelling from Attercliffe and taking a girl out for a couple of hours, sooo closeby and scenic would be perfect. I'd really like to impress her, so I like the idea of the views, but as long as its a nice clean area it'd be fine :)

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Sounds perfect, I've just looked at Padley Gorge online. It looks absolutely ideal, but it's about 30 minutes away. I only have a couple of hours and (although it's a bit mushy) I want as much time with her as possible. I'd need to give us an hour in travelling so this may be too far out.


To give you the rundown, I'm hijacking her from work. She doesn't know we're going and thinks its a business visit. It's a bit risky but if I'm too far out and it goes wrong it'd be a long journey back. I'm already nervous :/


That said - youre right - it would be perfect.

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Thanks Natalie. Just really hope it's not too pressured and that it's not too over the top. It's just dinner, right?


Tinsely Canal looks great. Is the entrance easy to find?

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