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Rescue dog of the week


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rescue dog of the week this poor boy has been in rescue for a very long time

to long if you ask me he came Into care: 13th October 2007

he needs an understanding home with someone who understands

his needs & moods could you be the one to help him :)



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this time I thought instead of having a rescue dog of the week

I would make this video for all the dogs

ive had as rescue dog of the week

& haven't been rehomed yet just to help jog peoples memory

& see if they could give a home to any of these dogs

they have been weighting a long time


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rescue dog of the week is Junie

I am looking for a VERY SPECIAL home.

I need a kind and caring person that won’t let my

good eye go poorly and will keep up with my quarterly

vet checks.My drops mean that the pupil in my eye will

stay slightly smaller than it should be. This will then

prevent the lense protruding through the pupil.

Everything is fine – as long as I stay on my medication.


If you have a home where you will be there ALL of the time,

or I can travel with you in your job –

I could be your perfect loyal little lady.





Tel: 07725 888207

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