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Can you buy tree trunks?

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Not technically to do with property but not sure where else to post!


We had 2 trees in our garden which were perfect for our hammock. Unfortunately one of the trees split - oops! So we can no longer use our hammock :(


Obviously planting a new tree would take some time, so we'd love to be able to get a tree trunk put in like the climbing ones in hillsborough park - so that we can use the hammock again - any suggestions?


Obviously it needs to be very strong - although I guess part of that comes from how it is secured in the ground.



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Not sure what type or height of tree you need but we have a Christmas tree in our back garden that we are looking to remove as it is getting quite large and the branches are lop sided so no longer looks good. If you fancy helping us chop it down you are more than welcome to take it (or part of it if you don't want the whole tree)? Otherwise we will be chopping it down at some point over the summer (not sure when though) and could just let you know when it will be available.


Let me know if you are interested. :)

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