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Who moved that lorry stuck up walkley ?

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at about 7am this morning a 7.5 tonne lorry managed to get stuck across the entire way across south road, at the junction of heavygate .


i "think" the drive didnt give himself enough axis to turn right at the junction, i sure felt for the driver.


did the police or recovery service move it ?

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It was a long one. I was going down Heavygate this morning and was 2 cars behind it.

I didn't see it actually get stuck, but he was going back and forth for a while trying to turn right.

I nipped back up the hill, down Bates Street, Springvale & then on into town, but when I glanced leftwards, the front bumper was almost touching the wall on one side of the road, and the tailgate/rear bumper was just about against the raised kerb by the railings. Bang on 90 degrees to the road and just about filling it.

It must be the first time for several months that I've not had my camera in the van.:mad:

When I left, the driver was on the phone to someone.

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