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Actors needed for Short film

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Hi, We are a small team of passionate filmmakers based in Sheffield (South Yorkshire) at their third collaboration together. This time we decided to produce a two minutes comedy aiming at short competitions.


The aim of the film to explore the idea of being who you want to be despite your appearance or age. It's a comedic tale about how sometimes we choose to see our selves differently from how reality presents us.


We are looking for an actor (see description below)


This is an expenses paid only project, we will provide food and beverage on set. Auditions will be organised as soon as candidates are shortlisted.


Available Role:


Elderly Jim


AGE range: 58 - 80

(average height 1.70 to 1.85)


Jim is a gentleman in his 70-80 , with a young attitude and a genuine smile, he enjoys training, is confident and a bit cheeky.

The applicant must be in good health but doesn't have to be muscular. This role requires some light physical effort. The role is silent so the applicant should be able to deliver his performance through facial expressions.


If interested or you know someone who might be please e mail us at: jimthemovie@gmail.com



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