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Have you seen my cat?? (s5)


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I haven't seen my cat for over a week now. I haven't posted earlier as he's very independant and will go off for a few days without coming home sometimes.


We live at Sheffield Lane Top close to the Iceland on Barnsely Road and he has a wander down to Longley Park (we used to live pretty close to there and he'd come for a walk with the dog and I) so he may be down there somewhere.


He's 3, got pure black, silky fur, he's quite small with greenish / golden coloured eyes (they seem to change colour in different lights) and a long nose for a little cat (I think it makes him look distinguished and he is a nice looking cat).


He's got a high pitched 'girly' miaow and answers to Gus.


If anybody has seen him, please PM me to let me know, whether it's good or bad news, I'm pretty worried now and missing the little dude :(


Thankyou :)

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lol he is a greedy little thing, I hope not.

No, I've had him since a kitten, stupidly not had him chipped though, should have just done it when he got his injections =/ if he comes back, it'll be straight to the vets to get that rectified.

My partner thinks he's made himself a second home (possibly just to stop me thinking the worst?)

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hope you find him soon. not at all easy describing black cats - he looks very like my sooty, and like my foster kitten obi, and like bill who lives next door, and another lad i don't know the name of up my road.


once he's home (fingers crossed) keep a look out for RSPCA cheap chip days - you can get them done there / then for £5 or contact Karl on here - he came to the house and did a couple of my foster kits for £8 each - excellent service.

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Yeh I've suddenly started noticing loads of black cats and thinking they're all Gus.


The cost wasn't really the issue, we had the dog chipped, I've never had a cat chipped, I didn't think I'd need to as any cat I've ever had has been an outdoor cat...I've definately changed my mind now though :| stupid mistake of mine that I won't be repeating.

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oh dear - i know. we've got a black and white cat missing. find myself jumping every time i see one hoping its him.


don't give yourself a hard time about it - not "stupid" - i think a lot of people tend to put more ID on dogs than cats.


you've registered him on RSPCA lost and found site etc have you?

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not RSPCA as I've been working during their opening hours but I've put him up on a load of sites.


I'm not in work until the afternoon tomorrow so I'm gonna ring in the morning.


Didn't really start to work until a few days ago, he's a bit of an adventurer so he wanders of for a few days at a time every now and again.


The little sod will probably wander up in a few days demanding attention lol

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