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Sheffield Geeks, Nerds and Horror Fans Wanted!


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With the kind permission of the moderators and my apologies if this is in the wrong section....


I have decided to attempt to a create a hub, currently just started at Facebook, to connect like minded Sheffielders interested in science fiction, genre, grindhouse, horror movies, comics - quite simply anything that could conceivably fall into the category of niche interest entertainment.


I have long since desired some sort of hub where people can promote themselves, their band, their product - alert others of an alternative night out, share their interests or collecting hobbies, advertise the sale of their much cherished VHS horror collection - again, anything that falls under the banner of 'geek' with a view to creating a community of like-minded folk who can uncover the rich underbelly of geek interests alive in Sheffield today.


Whether you're a local artist, an indie film-maker, a tattooist, comic shop owner, horror collector or stranded extra terrestrial biological entity please feel free to drop by, join the page and share with others what you do. If you are merely a fan of all things 'geek' then drop by too, spread the word and share with others and hopefully a vibrant community of nerds and slasher lovers will emerge sharing with others items of interest.


So, if you're interested in watching this project emerge from the bare-bones of nothing and want to get involved in a large or small way please head on over to facebook.com/SheffieldGeeks and be one of the first to set the ball rolling.


Many thanks and warm wishes to all.

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