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Polecat / Ferrets


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Hi all

Was considering rescue rabbits / guinea pigs as my sons first 'own' pet for his fifth birthday. We have a hutch ready so just doing some research into what will suit us best.


My partner is trying to convince me to have ferrets / polecats for him instead as he had them all through his childhood, but i've got no experience with them.

I've looked into them a bit and see that they are best in pairs, can you have 2 males / 2 females together?


Are there any rescues in Sheffield to get them from?


Would an adult pair or young ones be better for my son to handle? (obviously i'll be there with him)

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Ferrets make great pets, but they are not like rabbits or guinea pigs they are more energetic and need a lot of playing with and exercise as they are intelligent animals that thrive on attention and company...the way that I would describe them is a cross between a puppy or kitten that never really grows up, with all that would involve, mischief, playfulness, perhaps play nips and needing house training.


They might not (or might) be the sort of pets that will sit for a cuddle on your Sons knee but if he plays games with them they will keep him amused for hours.


You would need either 2 males, 2 females or one of each, but both sexes need to be neutered at around 6 months, to prevent problems associated with breeding season, and it generally makes them much nicer ferrets.


If you would like to meet some nice ferrets there will be some at Pets at home on Kilner way about dinner time on Saturday coming, bring your little one for a look and a cuddle if you like :)


Young adults might be best for you, babies can be very bitey...sezbetz on here runs a ferret rescue and often has some lovely ferrets in :)

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Thank you for that!

Funnily enough we live just across the road from Pets at Home so i'll pop in with him Saturday and he can have a cuddle :)


:) They will be with the Rainrescue stalls, as I say about Dinner time.

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They can smell a bit - be warned :gag:. -they have plenty of character though


Un neutered Males can smell horrible from Spring through to Autumn but once neutered the smell is really very slight as is the smell of a Female, their toilet areas need to be cleaned at the least once daily or they will smell as will any meat eating animal, the smell is all down to neutering and hygiene really.

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Just remember you will need any female spayed or it will have major health problems if not.The amount of people i know that have tried not to have them done is totaly stupid.And most have died between 1 and 4 years old.

Theres other options like a jab but not ideal or breed them but thats just silly.

Or go for implant but not many vets will do them plus its not perminent niether is a jab.

Or put one with a vacetamised male asap any signe of being in season

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