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KnowHow Netbook Repair

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well firstly, to have the screen replaced, they should not have needed to even touch the wifi card, it's a 10 minute job, and you don't need to strip the whole machine down..


(although, on some models of Dell's, and netbooks you do)


If they did indeed break it, Then they should have replaced the wifi cable, or the whole bezel if its hard-fastened (as they some times are)


I would put it back in the state it was when you got it returned, phone them up, and say that since they did the repair, your wifi has been poor, nothing else has changed except the fact that they 'repaired' the laptop..


if they refuse, then say you're going to take it to a 3rd party (another computer shop) to get it looked at and see if it was caused by them, if it was, then you will be sending them the bill..


they should quickly change thier minds and look at it, if they don't, find a local computer shop, willing to take a look, and print out a statement (I'd even have a look for you if you want) then send the statement to them, with a letter, and the bill (if any) for looking at it... see where that gets you..

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