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Is it still Facebook's intention to force all users to use Timeline? I seem to remember that when it was introduced we were told that everyone would be moved onto it, but so far I haven't opted for it, and my profile is still the old style one.

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Do people really understand this timeline thing? Because it seems to me that no-one does with all the fuss and moaning.


As a user looking at your own feed when you log in, having Timeline changes NOTHING. Your feed stays EXACTLY as it is now.


The only difference Timeline makes is to how other people view your profile, That's when the Timeline interface is used.


But then again I don't see why people get so annoyed when Facebook make changes.


It's a service, provided for free to it's users that you voluntarily sign up for. No-one is under any obligation to have or use a Facebook profile.

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Did you follow the correct procedure to close the account? A long time ago I had an account which I had never actually used. I did not complete the closure procedure properly and a good while later found that it was actually suspended, not closed. I subsequently found and followed the correct procedure and succeeded but IIRC even then there is a delay of two weeks from the actual date, during which you have to make sure you don't try to log on again. However, all this might have changed.

BTW did you have problems with FB that made you close?

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