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Noisy Psychdelic Folk Rock band are looking for Maureen Tucker

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Joy of a Toy are a Noisy Neo Psychdelic Folk Rock band and are looking for a standing drummer. We dont care if you not the most technically skilled drummer. We just want someone with a passion for the music we make and the drive to push the band forward.


Are influences include The Velvet Underground, Nick Cave, Can, Suicide, Pentangle, Syd Barrett, early Pink Floyd, The Warlocks, Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine, Fairport Convention, Earth, Espers, The Flaming Lips, Phil Spector, The Beach Boys, Crime and City Solution, Johnny Cash, Lee Hazlewood, Black Sabbath, Television, The Modern Lovers, The Fall, Swans, The Melvins, PJ Harvey, Soft Machine, Portishead, Jesus and Mary Chain and a lot more.


Also don't worry if you don't have the equipment as we will sort it out as a band.


If this sounds like something you want to get involved in please get in touch at sixstringdan2807@hotmail.com


Dan x

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