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FOR FOLK/ACOUSTIC FANS: Jim Ghedi & Neal Heppleston present "Archipelago"


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An evening of music from Little Mesters’ Recording Confederacy.

@ THE LANTERN THEATRE 25/06/12 - 8pm


Buy Tickets: £5 - http://www.wegottickets.com/event/169679

Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/360817263974874/


Jim Ghedi & Neal Heppleston


The launch of their first EP “Archipelago”


Jim Ghedi is an acoustic guitarist and songwriter whose unconventional finger-picking style connects the roots of Folk, Blues, Free Jazz and Eastern world music together. Innovating a rare style of playing through his finger work, following sound more than structured means, improvising, varying the time signatures to fit the natural rhythm and flow of the music. This spontaneity and unconventional style makes him an unpredictable and intriguing musician to watch and listen to.


Neal Heppleston is a double bass player and composer who has been involved in various bands in Sheffield for many years; most recently The Purgatory Players and Magpies. Using techniques from the world of Jazz, Classical and Folk music the pulsating bass lines and bowing that shifts from powerful to fragile in order to bring out the intricacies of the music.


“Archipelago” is their first recorded effort together; the collection comprises of compositional pieces “Mist on the Morning” and “Harper’s Lantern”, a variation of the traditional song “Black Waterside” and the improvised instrumental “Eastern Blue”. These four tracks, recorded at Sheffield’s Sounds Like Screaming Studios, are mainly rooted in folk and jazz music, each displaying a unique stylistic interpretation of the genre at hand. The music is an energetic connection between guitar and double bass playing, intricately playing off one another bringing an interesting fluidity to the music.


Listen to Mist On The Morning from “Archipelago” here:







Robert George Saull


Robert George Saull grew up in the Shropshire countryside, but has been writing and performing his own songs in Sheffield for the best part of the last 8 years. While serving as vocalist and principle songwriter for The Purgatory Players, he has gained much critical praise and popular acclaim for his idiosyncratic lyrics, bold arrangements and live intensity. Solo he has performed with many renowned artists, including Anna Calvi, Liz Green and Frank Fairfield, as well as performing at Sheffield Cathedral with the University of Sheffield Orchestra.


‘Richard Furlong’, his first solo release, is drawn from a very different side of his canon. The CD was mainly inspired by his love for English traditional music, but also by American alternative folk icons Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Smog, Tom Waits and Josh T. Pearson. It is a collection of painfully honest and downbeat acoustic ballads drawing on his personal experience with sincerity and subtle humour.


Listen to Kathy from ‘Richard Furlong’ here:





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