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Help re access to email please


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Can anyone shed any light on this?


Suddenly I can't get on to Yahoo to access my emails. Both my laptop and main computer refuse to load the page at all, this is the case with one or two other sites aswel, ones that you have to sign in to.

I can get on to almost all the others in my favorite list, but if I click on Yahoo it just keeps trying but the page never loads so I can't even get the logon page.


The only thing that could be a factor is, I am using a Belkin modem/router

and I had to re-install it around the time this problem started ( I reset it and entered all the IP info again)

Could this be connected?



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Apparently there was widespread disruption yesterday:




Next, instead of trying to log on using your favourites (a bad idea - crackers (my preferred term for hackers) paradise as favourites can be replicated without the users knowledge!) Have you entered the address manually?


Just tried putting it in manually (http://www.yahoo.co.uk)


Still nothing coming up :gag:

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Have you got Malwarebytes or SUPERAntiSpyware installed? I would recommend a deep scan with both - perhaps waddler8 would like to take over now? - He's the bug expert on here!


Thank-you for the help so far, much appreciated.

Another bit of info, I just realised I can access it through the router using an Iphone... at least I think I can?

How can I tell if the phone is using the router or the phone line? it is showing the wireless signal indicator as full strength?

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