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Bayern Munich v Chelsea (Champions League Final)


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One thing is for sure, Chelsea cannot play the way that they did against Barcelona by defending narrow and deep because Munich have got very good wide players and a very good target man. So it will be interesting to see how RDM sends his team out, there is talk of left back Ryan Bertrand making his Champions League debut by playing out of position on the left wing and Torres being picked on the right wing. We'll see.


Another thing that has come out this week is that is was also reported that the Chelsea manager has gone rogue and off message.


After the Arsenal game which Chelsea drew, and made qualification for the Champions League nigh on impossible, RDM was taken to one side by one of the directors and sternly reminded that the team picked was weakened, and his priority was on securing forth place and his team selection should reflect this.


RDM countered this by saying that he's the manager of the team and he decides who plays and who doesn't play, until he hears different from the owner.


I like this stand, and I now genuinely believe that he should be the manager to lead Chelsea next year. One thing is for sure, if Chelsea don't offer him the job of manager next year, there won't be any shortage of offers for his, so he'll get his chance to prove himself next year.

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No doubt he deserves the job,dont honestly think he will get it though.


The job he'll be asked to do will be different and as such it'll be a lot more challenging, how challenging will depend upon the result tonight.

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'deutschland, deutschland uber alles.....' I hope either -


1. chelsea get turned over, battered, humiliated and trounced - or


2. 2 minutes to go, cup in the bag, biff baff boff, bayern turn 'em over (as we did to them in '99).


an embittered man u fan (who thinks this 'supporting english football' thing is weird and shows a lack of committment)

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Taken from the BBC website:


BREAKING CHELSEA TEAM NEWS: Ryan Bertrand does indeed start for Chelsea, with Didier Drogba up front and Fernando Torres on the bench. David Luiz and Gary Cahill are both passed fit to start in defence.
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