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Help with buying new laptop and ipad/tablet


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Can i please get some help.


We currently have a good desktop pc which due to having 3 children now we need the space so are looking to get a laptop.

We need a laptp that is going to last a while can copy/reas copy cd's also enough memory to download music and films etc or than that it is just internet use.


I have been given various different conflicking advice (dont get amd processor or anything more than 4gb memory) just want to know what the different in models makes etc... is there anything to stay well clear of.


Also we are thinking of getting an Ipad but again have been told different things that can only have apple only apps, cant print anything etc... are ipads the same as say an samsung tablet?


we just need someone to explain some basic differences to us.


hope I can get some useful help back. Thank you

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thanks thinks we need both to be fair as we go away weekends alot so def going to invest in a tablet/ ipad, would you recommend ipad or any specific tablet.


also do you recommend any laptop what is a reasonable amount of memory just looking to use internet download music basics really just want it to be fast and last a good few years. is there any make you wouldnt buy also why not an amd processor. thank you again.

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Things to consider before purchasing a Notebook (as pointed out elsewhere on this forum - 'Laptop' is a misnomer - and should not be placed on your lap - reduces the airflow to keep it cool and avoid overheating!)


1. Processors: Not sure where AMD are in the processor notebook stakes, but processors to avoid are from AMD - Sempron, likewise from Intel, Celeron. Dependent upon how much money you can afford to spend, personally I would not go below an i5 processor - You may not need it now, but if your choice of usage changes, you don't want to be buying a new notebook!


2. Graphics: nVidia or Intel - I am aware in the past that some nVidia graphics have caused issues but would be my first choice based on desktop experience (I know you can't really compare the two!) and Intel have improved considerably over time (Did I just say that?!)


3. Screen Resolution: Does the graphics on board the Notebook have a wide scale of resolutions? Samsung offer the best range of graphics, but I don't like their cheap plastic feel i3's.


4. Screen display: Do you see more of yourself than the desktop? Is it so shiny that it hurts your eyes? Problem is most notebooks tend to have glass screens thesed days but ask if the model you are interested has a less reflective screen available.


5. Check on the firmness and angle of the screen for robustness and ease of viewing - also check keyboard 'angle' by trying one out for comfort and ease of reach of keys - I prefer the island keyboards - first touted by Sony but other manufacturers have followed suit (I don't like the now cheaper versions of HP Notebooks that include the 'island' as part of the key! Whilst on the subject of keyboard - do you want one with a number pad included - better to have one than having to use Fn and middle rows of the keyboard, and whether keys you use now you expect to be present on laptop keyboard (such as Home, Pg Up, Pg Down, Insert, Prt Sc etc.


6. Battery: Check on the number of cells - a 9-cell is best as it will last longer between charges. Don't be tempted to buy a spare at time of purchase as Lithium Ion batteries rot (are dying) from date of manufacture - that's why it is unusual to find any notebook that goes beyond 12 months for a battery warranty. Don't let charge go below 35% and don't charge above 80%. Extend the usage time by dimming the display to a reasonable level of illumination.

If watching a DVD or installing software with the optical drive (DVD/CD-RW) this can very quickly drain the battery so make sure the charger is attached and switched on at the socket.



7. Audio: Ask to listen to some music played on a display model and turn the volume up to see if it sounds tinny!


8. Ports - number and type: Check how many USB ports the notebook has (for scanner/printer/thumbdrives/external hard drive/etc), and whether you will need any others such as HDMI for streaming films through to your TV. Will you need a multi-card reader for your mobile phone memory card/digital camera/digital camcorder for quick downloading?


9. Once you have found a few you are interested in, put the make and model in your search engine and add the word 'problems' to pick up reviews on user forums!


10. Check what warranty comes with the Notebooks - then check against what John Lewis has to offer if the same one is available - they usually offer 12 months more than anyone else.


11. Check out reviews on the place you are thinking of buying the notebook from for after sales service.


Hope this has been of some help - apologies if I have missed anything out!

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Apple products cost more but tend to have a longer lifespan, Amd are just as good as intel unless you are spending thousands on high end stuff for gaming music production etc 4gb of ram is more than enough but that dosen't mean if you see one with 8 it's crap it will be even faster you just don't nesseserily need that much. What ever you decide upon watch plenty of youtube reviews read ratings etc as theses tend to be good info and none biast.

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I have the ipad3 3G as said its great on the move for Internet and some great deals on eBay for a data sim off 3 network, the ipad3 retina display is also great for watching movies also reading text, had a iPad2 running side by side and there is a difference, in saying that nothing wrong at all with ipad2.


If you have the cash to spare then I would definitely go for ipad3 or wait until October as that is probably when the next generation comes out.


If anyone has a ipad2 or above a great app for movies CineXplayer will play any .avi files only £2.99


Can't comment on a tablet as I've never had one, although a friend of mine has one and thinks its great and cheaper than iPad, but like above, iPad is hard to put down one of the best gadgets I've ever treated myself to....... Because I'm worth it:)

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