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Commuting Sheffield-Lincoln, used car advice

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I know I'm probably looking for the impossible but I've just started a new job in Lincoln and my current car isn't up to the commute.


My budget for a new used car is only about £5k. What would people go for in terms of fuel economy, low car tax, mileage, etc? I really haven't a clue. :confused: Am I looking for the impossible?


Would something like a 2007 Punto with 40,000 miles on the clock be worth considering? The commute is a 100 mile round trip a day so 26k a year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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It's not directly related to your choice of car, but be aware that the Dunham toll bridge on the A57 now charges the ridiculous amount of thirty-six pence. Make sure you keep plenty of coppers in the glove compartment...


The goverment added VAT to the toll and he can go via Gainsborough and avoid the toll bridge altogether but I wouldn't recommend it as a commute

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Yes, indeed; but rather stupidly,they refused to allow a rise to 40p instead of 36p. Now everyone has to fiddle around with loose change. :rant:


Quite agree as we have caravan down that end of Lincolnshire but I think the idiots in government who thought up the harebrained sceme of adding VAT to a toll were worried that if they charged 40p then people woud kick off more - stupid logic I know but I think that's the reason:roll::roll:

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