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Wheres the very best key cutters in Sheffield to get a car key cut

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reighto were do people recommend for the very best cutters in Sheffield to get a car key cut, im asking for the very best as the last time my dad had a key cut for his car, it didn't work very well and i need it cutting right as im using my own old genuine ford key blank, so it cant be cut wrong as they cost a lot to buy another.

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I got mine done at a key cutters in Barnsley, it's worked reight for the last three years, and was about £40 cheaper than anywhere else.


Ants Deals on Heels

Unit 3

The Alhambra Shopping Centre



South Yorkshire

S70 1SB

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i would reccomend harrolds been using them for years. have given them locks with no keys ign barrels car door locksno keys old furniture locks never managed to stump them yet . best place for security/safes lockes ect in these worrying times.

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Is there anywhere that will sell and cut a car key blank without the programming?


My car key case is falling to bits. I bought a replacement key off eBay but I can't take the blade out of my current key fob and place it in the new key - different gripping mechanism. The key came with a blank blade but apparently it is not suitable steel for a lock so key cutters won't cut it.


I could do with a key blank that I can put my gubbins into and simply get the blade cut. Unfortunately, the key cutters that I have tried will not do this.


The unit in Morrisons wanted £110 and Timpsons wanted £125. Peter's didn't have the gear to cut the car key.


Not tried Harold's as it was shut.


Thanks in advance.






Found this thread that states that Harold's will do what I'm after



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harrolds at shalesmoor is always the first and last place i go for a key, they also specialise in ford keys



I know this is an old post.

But. Do they do Toyota keys, the central locking ones??


Mine snapped in the ignition tonight,


I have a spare but its not central locking.

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