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BlackBerry camera flash stopped working?

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My OH got a Blackberry for his birthday (in April) from his sister - She had renewed a load of phone contracts for work and got a free phone which she didn't need. I think its a Curve 9300 model, without looking.


The other day, the camera flash stopped working, we've tried it 'on' and on 'automatic' but no luck, but when you turn it off, it does warn you that there is 'low light' so it does recognise that it SHOULD be working.


Hes tried restarting the phone, removing the battery, shutting all apps down, and everything else we can think of. Are we missing something to fix it?


His sister hasn't got any insurance for it, but its on o2, and I presume would be under warranty? If he takes it to an o2 shop will they fix it?

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Right, so I thought updating the software may work - It says I can do OTA updates from the phone, but the update icon is missing from the device menu, so that doesn't work. When I try to download the Blackberry user software for PC, it says its downloaded, but then I can't find it, any help appreciated!

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