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Childrens Crafts delievered to your door? Ideas.

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At Rascals HQ I am thinking about introducing a CRAFTY RASCALS BOX.

The box would be posted monthly to parents that have signed up but could be cancelled at anytime and made affordable and would be along the lines of:

A box a month for curious kids 3 to 6 or 7 to 12.

With handpicked projects by Lucy Rascals + all supplies in order to create and handmake at home with monthly themes and instructions such as jubilee, olympics etc.

This has just come accross me as a lightbulb moment and was wondering if this is something that would interest you?? As a parent would this be something you would buy? Or in general what would you think of the idea as im interested that nobody has thought of it before.

Thanks Lucy Rascals

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Hi Lucylocket,


I think this is a fantastic idea & I would have loved to sign up to something like this, sadly my boys are too old for the boxes now, they are 22, 20 & 15. I have always encouraged them to be creative & since they were little we have alway made time to stick, glue & make things. Your idea would have saved me hours of trailing the shops for supplies & ideas for our makes & this in turn could have been time spent with my children. My boys still like to be creative now & again but its mainly because they want a bag, pouch or a cover making for their latest gadgets, thay can all use a sewing & embroidery machine & my embroidery software to decorate whatever it is they want to make & if I'm honest they really do look after it alot more than something they have just bought.


If you do decide to do this I think it would be a nice idea to have a special box on the childs birthday containing a birthday card from HQ.

I wish you all the best with your Craft Rascals Boxes & hope it all goes well.

Billie x

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Ahh Thank you so much for that message Billie,


RASCALS HQ makes sure that everybody we deal with has a card on there special day.


We have had some excellent feedback regarding the boxes and are going to trial one in a few months I think!



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That's a great idea. With a lot of the diy projects you need to go out and buy usually a lot more of an item than you need. With your craft box you would just have the right amount and not have to wonder where to store all of the leftover supplies. I also think local workshops would be great. Having a craft a week, with all of the supplies ready and all you need to do is show up.




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