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Olympic flame lands in UK.

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I read today that a gold-painted plane full of special people like Lord Coe, Boris Johnson and David Beckham has brought the Olympic flame from Greece to the UK. Greece is in the news a lot lately, something to do with going bankrupt?


The Flame had seats 1 and 2 in Business Class in a specially constructed case. Behind it in seat 3 sat a Metropolitan Police fire warden. I also understand that there was a 'rehearsal flight' some time ago to make sure this one went just right. Oh, and there was a spare pilot on board just in case the other two went down with food poisoning. This is all according to the BBC.


I have a couple of questions;

1. Couldn't someone have had the flam flown over on Easyjet?

2. Who is paying for all of this?

3. How will this enhance my pleasure of the Games?

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