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Richard Hawley 2012


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Guest sibon
Just missed getting 2 tickets for City Hall 23 sept. Only one left on line now


Any other gigs coming up in Sheffield?


I've just bought stalls tickets from Ticketmaster. Literally 5 minutes ago.


The City Hall website had all the decent seats sold.


It's only £20 at Holmfirth though:)

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yes saw the holmfirth ad but it's a standing only venue isn't it

Actually tried the city hall website again and got 2 restricted view.

But then looked again and lots of others free too in better areas. think the site must have been freezing. Very annoying! And can't get through on their phone.

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Row D stalls at 09.01 this morning...


The Picturedrome in Holmfirth is very nice if there are tickets available. There is seating upstairs and sometimes downstairs as well, plus a much better bar than at the City Hall!

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