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The Euro (Currency)

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I share your concern.


It's interesting that amid the endless speculation and media coverage, no one seems to have properly addressed this point. A politician (can't remember who) was asked specifically 'what will this look like for the ordinary man in the street here in Britain,' and failed to provide an answer, just waffle.


I get the impression they either don't know, or don't want us to know.


Meanwhile all we hear is that it's 'a disaster,' 'catastophic,' 'in meltdown' etc.


Hardly helpful.

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i am just intrigued as to what will happen to the UK as were are not in it, was it a good idea for us not to go into it or not? this could go on forver as a debate etc

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the reality is that not even the one's who should know, do know. That's pretty unnerving on its own.


I find it very disturbing that the fate of sovereign nations should be decided on the nerve or the mood of 'the market'. The system seems pretty rotten to me.

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since we decided to take out credit to pay for everything and not pay it back.


I'm referring to the financial crash here, not the 'deficit'.


And since companies gained for more power and influence than democratically elected leaders.

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