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Rabbit and guinea pig plus hutch /cage

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I know rabbits are meant to be kept in twos, same with guinea pigs but are they happy to be with one of either?


Does anyone know anyone who breeds them locally to s6? If not sheffield? I don't want to buy them from pet shops as tHere isn't much choice in breedd etc. Years ago I bought two lops from a breeder in s5 but was young so don't know where it is.


I'll also be wanting a hutch if anyone makes them or has a nearly new one for sale, not wanting to spend over £40 if possible.

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I always used to keep rabbits and guinea pigs together, and never had any trouble, maybe I was lucky, I think if the rabbit is a large breed, they can do injury to the little pig,


Whichever you choose, they are best kept in pairs, probably of their own kind.


Are you wanting to spend £40 in total, on the rabbits and a hutch, a hutch on its own wont be enough ,you will need a run as well, and for two rabbits it will need to be a fairly large hutch.

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Yes you were lucky, it's not only the injuries that can happen, but they also require different diets, which can be difficult to manage when both in the same space.


Theres alot more info via Google:








I'd imagine if you have a large open space for them to live in the garden it wouldn't be a problem, but if your looking at keeping them in a hutch that costs under £40, it's going to be very tight for them, whatever the type of animal.

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rabbits and guinea pigs used to be kept together but as their diets are very different its not a good idea! also they can cross contaminate infections which are hard to treat. as Anita fox one of the vets at huntersbar vets told me rabbits speak rabbit ! guineapigs speak a separate language! so i think you need to consider 2 of the same variety!.

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