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Garage/Lock - Garage door or personnel door?

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I'm in the process of renovating a stand alone garage/lock up with a view to letting out and am internally debating whether a garage door is better than a personnel door? So thought getting the view of the good folk of the Sheffield Forum might help me decide. Basically the garage is currently in a poor state of repair, among other issues it has no door at the moment. In my mind there are pros and cons either way, I thought a personnel door would provide greater security but then obvioulsy limits what you can get in there so perhaps a garage door is best. But then I don't have much cause to use a garage so my perception of what would be good may well be off what people would want.


It's a small lock up/garage that I imagine you would get a car in for storage or something a tradesman may want to store materials etc so what would be best? The intention is to let it out afterwards, which leads me to my other question, whats the going rate for a small garage (no power or utilities)?

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