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Where is the best view of sheffield

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You get an amazing low view from Ringalow near the Norfolk Arms, or good closer views from Meersbrook Park or Woodseats or also from Greystones.


Skye Edge above Hyde Park terrace also has an excellent view as does near Arbourthorpe tram road or from the top of Myrtle Road.

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Top of the Hallamshire Hospital or from the top of the Arts Tower. Just take the lift to the top ward floor of the hospital and go in the visiting room to get the view. I'm not sure about the Arts Tower now, but it used to be possible to take the lift up then just look out :)

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Guest busdriver1
probably through your rear mirror driving up the parkway towards the M1. :hihi:


I would second that

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Hi there

im looking for a cool place that i can get a photograph of the city centre (as much as possible of it)


Anyone have any ideas where the best place would be??


a good place is where shirecliffe collage used to be you could see that building from all over sheffield

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