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UK Mama on Restaurant Inspector

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Oh that would have been interesting to know. I guess it could be anywhere in the City.

Not sure it could be the Milestone or Silversmiths as they have already had the Ramsey treatment. London Club; Mama and Leonies; Bar and Grill... not sure how many more 'indies' there are in the centre.

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They were filming at UK Mama in Broomhill. Have you not notice that it has recently had a bit of a refurb and changed its name since they went?

I think the idea of the program is a bit of a gordan ramsay thing in that theytake a terrible failing restaurant and try to turn it round. Have you seen the state of their trip advisor reviews??

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I will be very interested to see what they have done with UK Mama (now called Zanzibar), but as I know of the state of the property in which it is located, and the general uncleanliness at the back of the premises, unless it has paid a lot of attention to the general hygiene of food storage/preparation, I will still be very reluctant to eat there...........

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