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Fiat Justitia - Rest In Peace

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In 1994 I was a young (ish) disillusioned bloke, drifting from job to job, not really setting the World alight. I joined the Royal Air Force, and after basic training, the RAF Police. They have been my adopted family for the last seventeen and a half years, when on the 29 Feb of this year I was made redundant (applied for, so it wasn’t a shock). It’s true what they say about military camaraderie, you can’t beat it. I’ve had my ups and downs over my military career, but I wouldn’t change it at all. I’ve cried, bled, sweat, and had more laughs than I care to mention. Only ex-servicemen on this site will really know what I’m on about.

Anyway, earlier today came the news that one of the two British servicemen shot in Afghanistan earlier today was a RAF Policeman. This is the first RAF copper to be killed in action in decades, and a member of ‘my family’. Maybe only ex servicemen/women will know that losing ‘one of their own’ has a tremendous affect on them. I feel for his family and friends, and they have my sympathy and support.

I realise that someone from the British military is killed almost on a weekly basis (too often) in Afghanistan, but this one has affected me more than others.

Rest in Peace mate. Fortune favours the brave. Fiat Justitia.

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