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Carpet or Laminate

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The carpet in my lounge / dining room are starting to look a little grubby and in need of replacement.


Due to the size of the room, I'd need 6m wide carpet to avoid joins, and the price is a little offputting to say the least!


So I've been looking at laminate ... a reasonable quality from someone such as Quickstep rather than a cheapo job from a DIY store. Even with good quality underlay and either scotia or new skirting boards the price is a lot more favourable than a decent carpet!


So the question is, carpet or laminate? What are the pro's and con's of each?

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Carpet - pros: warmer/softer, can (sometimes, maybe not in your case!) be cheaper, more variety of colours/finishes

cons: traps dust, stains can be difficult to clean off, absorbs odours easily


Laminate - pros: if cared for properly, can look good for longer, more hygienic and easier to clean, good for a modern look

cons: is considered 'cold' as opposed to carpet, but for me, rugs can be used to remedy this


I have seen many houses with good quality laminate looking stunning, cheap laminate howevercan look exactly that - cheap and nasty, so it is definitely worth paying for a decent quality laminate


I would probably go for carpet in a bedroom, but laminate in the lounge. It does very much depend on your individual room though: you have to look at the whole of it, what sort of walls and furniture does it have etc? it's important to consider how it all works together, too.

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Costco have some lovely laminate in, it's french oak type with foam backing on each strip and it's £23 for a 2.1m sqaure pack and is 14mm thick.

I have just fitted some in a shop and have got some for my sons bedroom.

Laminate is more hygenic than carpet and the laminate feels cold feelings go's away after a couple of weeks.

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I originally didn't want laminate because I thought it would be cold, but I was overruled. The only place that now has carpet is the stairs & landing. Despite my original reservations I have never felt it to be cold.


Personally, I have a rug in the living room, and a doormat at all the outside doors - and one at the bottom of the stairs (just to stop dog hairs from being trailed upstairs).


The rugs are the rubber backed type that can be thrown in the washing machine when they start looking grubby. The laminate is easy to keep clean whereas the stairs carpet isn't.


Just make sure that if you go for laminate that you put a decent underlay beneath it. The underlay is important for soundproofing.


I also believe that it's worth getting decent quality laminate rather than the cheap stuff.


The biggest downside of laminate I've found, is when you drop a remote, the battery cover invariably comes off, and you end up having to search far and wide for the batteries, because they can slide/bounce a long way!

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I would go for carpet every time. Laminate is cold and dusty.


The dust you mention will be in the carpet along with dust mites,animal fleas,faecal traces and the rest.Laminate can be wet-cleaned and is much healthier,but even this is inferior to wooden floors.

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