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Does anyone know Kevin?

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This is a long shot,but Im searching for someone who I only remember as Kevin. In 1983 Kevin lived with his mum and is sister in Abourthorne, quite near to the park and Abourthorne club. Kevin had a brief relationship wit my best friend called Julie Eastwood and she became pregnant. soon after the relationship ended and Julie refused to have anything to do with him,or allow him to see is daugter Aimee when she was born. I remember Kevin pleading with her, and then pleading with me to talk to her,but despite all attempts she flatly refused to allow him any contact with her or Aimee. Aimee was born in 1984 I think, and was never told nothing about her father. Recently Julie passed away and Aimee is desperate to find her father. She contacted me after the funeral to ask me what I knew about her dad. All I could tell her was his name and what I have said on here. I was with Julie when she met him, and I used to now his surname but I can't for the life of me remember it! The last time I saw Kevin he turned up at Julies flat in Netherthorpe and I opened the door. I know this info about him is scanty, but Kevin has a beautiful daughter and 3 gorgeous granddaugters, and the reason I'm trying to find him is that he tried so hard to see his baby daughter. His family were very upset at what happened. So do you know who this man is, or know his mother or sister. Here are the details again, Kevin is white, aged about 48-50, lived In Abourthorne, not far from the club. lived in a single parent family, has a sister, dated someone called Julie Eastwood who lived in Netherthorpe. He wanted desperately to see his baby. If you can help please reply. Thank you.

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I cant believe it, but someone saw the post, contacted Kevin on Facebook, and told him to look on the Sheffield Forum, He did...looked up Miss Dior, saw a post I left for someone else with my phone number on it, and he rang me up!..I have been able to put him in contact with his daughter who he has never seen!....Im absolutely over the moon..it has made my day!!!

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