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Pack o' dax (and honorary dax) walk!


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OK, so it has been about a year- a YEAR since the last one and I think it is time for another one...also, people have been asking me to arrange one.


Next weekend Saturday or Sunday (18/19) at Concord park. 10:00 am.

Can anyone make it?


The dachsunds in a pack kind of make a full dog, but they are very loud and lively- so if you have a different breed and want to join us, please feel free to come along.



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Not sure if can make this one working , interested in another one ? Graves Park end would suit me better but can be flexible!:hihi:


If Graves park is better for those interested in attending, then it can be changed.

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Well I don't want to influence anyones' decision but there are 200 runners on a Sat morning doing a half marathon practise :):hihi:




oooh, wait! whats the expected age range? and will the majority be male? lol


Sunday Morning


Graves Park

Somewhere near a carpark is best for me. :)

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I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it. :(


My car died this morning and is currently awaiting parts for a transplant.

I won't have it opn the road until next week sometime :(

Sorry all.

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