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The Other Two. Play-offs general thread.

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Just watching Mk Dons v Huddersfield as i'm sure a good few other Blades are and probably a few Owls as well and just wondered what others thought of them.


Personally watching them I'm glad we have them to play in the Final as opposed to the semi's. Both are looking like they want to play football and attack a bit so far and overall it seems a flowing, faster type of game than ours last night which was more about the gritty nervy type of football.


Note 1 v 0 Huddersfield, Young Rhodes.

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As good as these two look, I still fancy us to give them a good game in the final if we get past Stevenage on Monday night, I think the same applies as it did with Stevenage last night and as we did with Huddersfield up at their place. Pack the midfield and stop them from playing football and they will get frustrated and tire.


Which out of the 2 would you prefer to come up against in the final if we get there? As much as Huddersfield have Rhodes and a few good attacking players I think we managed them well up at their place and had a great deal more luck than we did against a very well set out MK Dons team? And I think Huddersfields back four are more prone to mistakes than MK Dons? Even though the current result doesn't reflect it!

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I'd like to see Huddersfield win and that would be a good final with two decent footballing sides (assuming you get past Stevenage).


From a winning perspective I think you'd find it easier to beat MK dons as Huddersfield seem well suited to the big pitch which is what they'll get at Wembley.

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If huddersfield dont go up this year,rhodes will be joining us.


How do you work that out?


Mandaric wasn't even willing to put the money up to fund Ben Marshall's permanent move to the club. Huddersfield turned down a £4m bid for Rhodes from Championship teams and you can guarantee whether promoted or not Huddersfield would only entertain bids of that nature or higher and he is contracted to the club until 2015 so they are in no hurry to offload, and quite frankly I don't think Mr Mandaric will be up for paying that amount of money for any one individual player whether championship or not that's a premiership fee.


And whether Rhodes dad works at the club is totally irrelevant to the matter as well. Huddersfield have a price and unless Rhodes dad offers to give Mr Mandaric a few million himself to bring his lad to the club, it just aint happening i'm afraid!

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