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Please give me feedback and your views

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I was on Sheffield Live yesterday and have only had feedback to how i came accross from family and friends so of course I got great reviews.


I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback top how I was, as i was so nervous and think i rambled on too much.


Any feedback I would love good or bad and some recommendations for next week when im on another show.


The link is here and if you fast forward to 36 minutes its me.


Thanks so much in advance guys, im usally quite confident but this was out off my comfort zone..







Lucy xx

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As far as the interview went, you came across well. Confident. Pleasant.



You want to present yourself as a service provider with a checked team available on your staff ... as per the website.


You blew that in the interview. Try and finesse the question if it comes up again, but don't confess that it is just you at your Mum's!



Oh. It's Weston Park not Western. :thumbsup:

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