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Did you work at Sheffield Twist Drill, Summerfield Street


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hi , plain talker small world innit have`nt seen eric for few years he lived at norton lees ( nearer meersbrook ) I knew him from the days when my dad had pubs ( which incidently you posted a reply to one of my earlier post`s regarding the weston park hotel summer st ,) and also in relation to this thread my father worked for a short time at james neil`s in between running pubs and made many friends from twist drill in the pub at lunch time. my cousin rita edwards had the rising sun on pear st where many twist drill lads called

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I worked at Dormer/SKF from 1981 to 92, leaving from the Holbrook plant and remember to tale about the drill from japan.


Few names of my era and age range were, Martin Mitchell,

Phil Bearman, Glynn Booker, Mick Silenti. whoose dad was Robert, Mark and Neil Crossley, sons of pat and maurice and Neil Dalton.


Works managers were pennington and woolhouse, loads of fun playing cat and mouse around the place with them, rather than working:P


Had a great time working with some real characters, still tell tales of the "old days", now I'm 40!

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I've worked at Dormer and still do since 1978.


Here's some names for you.

Bill Hodkin

Cyril Clay

Denis Yeardley

Ray Hill

Ron Hill

Alan Bottomely

Pete Carnell

Ernest Moat

Tony & Margaret Boot

Terry Cahill

Richard Grayson

Bob Tideswell

Ian frankish

Ron Pegg

Kevin Smith

Tony Morton

Keith Mitchell

Kevin Bottom

all have moved on.


Still there from the old days

Alan Brown

Stuart Gray

Mick Drabble

Graham Brammer

Richard Lill

Steve Tedds

Kevin Holloway

Andy Maxwell

Dave Poole

Tony Cowley

Alan Wood

& Dobbin


It's still a flourishing company, now part of the Sandvik multinational. However it has now moved out of Sheffield to Worksop.

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