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Did you work at Sheffield Twist Drill, Summerfield Street


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I remember a story about the Japanese sending a drill to Twist Drill with a note saying that " This is the smallest diameter drill in the world". The people at Twist Drill sent it back with a hole drilled through its entire length and a note saying "No this is!"

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Originally posted by desy

Bit thick didn't think of it that way


No, I know, desy, not to worry, it's quite funny, that my granpa was a Turner by name, and a turner by trade.


I also have a friend who is called Cooper and he was actually a cooper, (barrel maker!).


By the way, excellent story, magneteer i love that one-upmanship (*cheering*).




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A few of the young lads that were apprentices when I was down there.

Mark Nankowik(think thats how they spelt it).

The girls liked him he was a big lad.


Alex Marsden

David Shepherd

Lewis Thompson

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Originally posted by holberry

hi, plain talker when you said earlier you knew a barrel maker called cooper it wouldn`t be eric cooper by any chance would it?


Knowing him it's probably Tommy Cooper

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