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Did you work at Sheffield Twist Drill, Summerfield Street


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My grandpa worked there for fifty-odd years, man and boy.


He retired in about 1978/9.


He worked on the actual lathes, turning the drill bits.


he worked there during the war, (It was a 'reserved occupation' but he had a disabilty, so he could not have joined the forces anyway)


He told the tales of firewatching, from the roof of the factory, during air raids.


The firewatcher stood, on the roof, in a metal contraption which looked like a cross between a torpedo and an "iron maiden" it had slits at "eye" level, so you could see out. it was not very big, about big enough to take one person.


It must have been terrifying. I know there were hits from the bombs very close to the factory, cos the house I lived in, a few hundred yards away from Dormer's factory suffered structural damage from a bomb.



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Originally posted by desy

Think he workrd in the Production Turners dept


He was definitely into the production of Turners. lol


He personally produced three Turners, that I know of:-


My dad, and my two uncles, "unca Kembo" and Unca Pip-pip! lol


Who were, in their turn responsible for the production of seven Turners between them, (who have in Their turn, produced twelve -at the last count!- Turners of their own!)





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