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Help with boarding kennel/doggy hotel please


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Hello! I'm hoping there's someone on here that can help.

We are due to go to turkey for 3 maybe 4 weeks in august. I have an 8 month old husky that we can't take with us and there's no1 that can look after him for that long. I'm wanting to find somewhere that's reasonably priced but with decent care. I have rang a few places, but the cheapest I have found is 11 quid a day and that's quite a lot for the amount of time we need. Could anyone recommend a place that we could try? Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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I have asked the same question for someone to have my dog for a couple of weeks in june. Fortunatley, someone on the forum has offered. Maybe he'll read this too. I would have been happy to help out, but August is not a good month for spare time at home!


Good luck

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we have been using these for the last 15 years twice a year, http://www.boweslyon.biz/

heated kennels with there own runs, they also offer a full grooming service before you collect them. im sure you friends will be able to pop in and take it for a walk



We use Boweslyon too, but at £10.50 a night they arent much cheaper than the ones the OP has found already.

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We always use Croft Farm. Corina is brilliant with my dogs. kennels with outdoor runs, taken for walks and have a massive outdoor run to play in.

We wouldnt go anywhere else.

It costs me £12 a day but thats for 2dogs.

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Hi, we are new to the forum:)

We used to use 'the dog house' at nether edge, there was two at one time.

It was like a home from home for your pooches, ours really enjoyed their holidays as much as we did ours.

Hope this helps in your plight to find a caring doggy hotel.

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