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Microsoft kills Windows Live brand!

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Nothing surprises me with Microsoft! Remember the confustion of 'Shut down' being in the 'Start' Menu!:hihi:


At work I am still plagued with Office 2007 glitches. Scan in document to Word or open a document created by someone else - need to edit a picture or diagram's placement - have to open a new document to paste said diagram in just to get the anchor points to show! - so I can either 'bring to front' or 'send to back'!

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Nothing surprises me with Microsoft! Remember the confustion of 'Shut down' being in the 'Start' Menu!:hihi


Nope :|


But then again, I've seen (in a ms ux blog) the stats generated from their testing with real people which showed that most people expected shutdown to be there, because the Start menu was where you go when you want to tell Windows to start doing something.


Where would you put it?

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I'm pretty sure I've seen screenshots of a development version of the Win95 GUI which had such options (around the time that the task buttons were actually icons in a list view), but can't find it right now.


I have found the post I mentioned earlier though: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2003/07/22/54559.aspx


The thing to remember with Microsoft (and a lot of people [like to] forget) is that they're aiming their software at the majority of users, not the tiny percentage of power users who want to (or would like to) change every little detail. Look at the number of people who get confused, upset and angry if their taskbar isn't on the bottom of the screen (used to be much worse before you could lock the taskbar, but it still happens). They spend a hideous amount of money on UX testing and data collection of how real people are using their products. I'm not saying they get every decision right (W8 removing the start button, VS2012 removing all the colour), but often their arguments about why they've done/tried it are actually sensible and can be backed up with facts.


<tongue-in-cheek>Not that many years ago the "Linux freindly" way of shutting down would be to load a command prompt up and type shutdown. Having a button anywhere in the GUI would be a waste of screen space since it's so easy to open up a command prompt :P

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