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How do I Download Music to my iPhone from tubidy ect


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Your phone comes with a USB cable, plug one end of that into your phone, and the other end into the USB port on your PC, then open up Tubidy (or even better, Itunes), download the songs you want and then drag and drop them onto your phone from the content Library.

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If it is .mp3, it's not video.

QuickTime wil play .mp3 music tracks though.


1. Download the files you want.

2. Open iTunes and go to File > Add to Library. Select the downloaded files.

3. Sync your iPhone with iTunes.

4. Delete the downloads from your PC - they have been copied to your iTunes Library.

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"Add to Library" is a command found under the "File" menu listing at the top of the iTunes program window.


You sync your iPhone by connecting it to your computer. If you have iTunes installed, it will start automatically when the phone is connected. Click the iPhone icon in iTunes' side bar and go through the options to select the types of files that should be synchronised.


If that all seems too much, there's a wealth of information available from the "Help" menu item. Start by reading that.

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