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Desperate Carnivore

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So, my girlfriend has just shown me a video on the YouTube showing some horrendous cruelty to animals in factory farms. I'm a meat-eater, and I love me a good bit of steak, but I want no part in the cruelty side of it. I'm prepared to pay a bit more for my meat, but does anyone know a good ethical meat supplier in the S10 area?



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There's what looks like a very good butcher just up from Hunters Bar roundabout on the right hand side. I'm not sure anywhere could guarantee cruelty-free slaughter though; I'd have thought once you've killed several of anything you're dead to the sensation and sacrifice sentiment for bigger, faster, better.

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I was a vegetarian for seven years because I didn't agree with factory farming. I stopped a short while after I met my partner, now husband, as he doesnt eat many vegetables. He was never made to eat vegetables as a child and still acts like one when it comes to food and diet.


As a compromise, he agreed that the only meat we would eat would be organic and free range. I once emailed Sainsburys and they said their organic range of meat was free range. We also buy from our local butcher who 'assures' me its free range lol. If we want to squeeze back on the pennies, we buy quorn. my husband actually likes quorn - he is an extremely fusser eater - and I love it. its low fat too. you can buy frozen quorn pieces that are brilliant for pasta dishes.


Buy locally where you can and email the supermarkets like I did. Sometimes labels are misleading for example some free range eggs are from hens that live in a barn that they can leave freely but the barn is so big and full, they never go outside. Im sure happy eggs were in the news a while back for having farms that werent up to standard too.


It is truly shocking what goes on in factory farming. Good on you for doing something about it! :clap:

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Freedom food is your best bet, it's monitored by the RSPCA (though far from perfect) so you can be fairly safe in knowing the animals lived and died well.


As a side point, organic is far from automatically humane. I talked it through with a famer once, she had 2 fields, one with 'normal' cows and one with organic. The main difference was the organic cows got food with less chemicals, but also got much less immunisation so spent more time ill and died more, which I think makes it worse than normal food.


Purely my opinion though.

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Very true, Spikie.


What you should think about trying is eating more game, pheasants and rabbits and that and get it from your butcher or farm shop.


I believe (correct me if I'm wrong lol) that cows are one of the biggest contributers to CO2, cos of all of their waste and all of the deforestation for cow fields for fast food chains.


Plus, rabbit and that aren't factory farmed are they?

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