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Which organizations did you join as a kid

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Round about 1953 some one from the St. Johns ambulance brigade came round our school (Heeley Bank) wanting kids to became members of a branch they were starting at Carfield school on Gleadless road..

No girls but quite a few of us lads joined when they told us we would get in free at football matches, but it didn't last for long, the guy who was teaching us packed in for some reason and they couldn't find any one else to run it.

I think I've still got the manual some where, but the slings long gone...


The next one's to come round later that year were the army cadets,

The Royal Artillery 271 field regiment, at Edmond road drill hall, to be exact.


Now this was more like it, though they never trusted us around any Artillery we did have 303 rifles and Bren guns, no ammunition of course,(Thank god).

You should have seen us strut around in our army uniforms though, bye but we did look bobby dazzlers.

Later I moved on to the York and Lancs at Lowfields school and went away with them to a camp at Hornsea...

It all come to an end when I started work, but thoroughly enjoyed my time in the ACF....

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It's changed a lot since my day naturally and whether it's that there's too much going off in the home or that the cost of premises and insurance is to high now or may be it's just not cool, I don't know.

Whatever the reason a lot of those outside activities for kids and teens seem to be disappearing these days and it's a shame ...:sad:

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