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Lost whippet psalter lane area*found*


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Ludo the whippet (cream and black stripes with white patches) has gone missing. The dog warden tells me that there were two whippet sightings around the Psalter lane area yesterday evening. Please keep your eyes peeled :(

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If your dog is Microchipped or has a name tag on his or her collar hopefully a vet or someone like us or a rescue centre would get in touch with you,

If not you must start contacting local vets and rescue centres - look farther afield check at Cliffe Kennels at Hoylandswain and also Mt Pleasent Kennels in Doncaster. There is a lot you can be doing to trace your dog rather than waiting for him or her to turn up.

there is also the possibility that someone fancied your dog and took it home so check on locals walking there dogs someone may have seen it.

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Have a look through this thread it has lots of help and ideas for if you lose a pet, your friends first priority should be to contact the Sheffield dog pound as if he is found it is most likely that he will end up there, also register him on Doglost...all of the information that you need is in the link.


I hope that he is soon found safely, Whippets are lovely dogs and soon get worried when things go wrong, fingers crossed for you :)

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