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Additional Associate - AllSportsAwards.co.uk - Trophies, Awards and Medals

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Trophies, Awards and Medals


Sheffield Forum FC are please to announce a new partnership with AllSportsAwards.co.uk who are an online business based in Sheffield.


AllSportsAwards cater for every possible occasion from sports achievements to school and custom awards. Various types are available including medals, cups, glass and crystal awards.


Most of these can be customised with logo of your choice. Alternatively, a stock logo can be chosen. Most items can also have an engraved plate or sticker with writing specified by yourself.


Discounts are available for spending certain amounts starting at a 5% discount once you reach £250. This increases to 20% for a £2,000 spend.


All orders can be completed online, including the engraving/sticker process. Different sizes are also available so please ensure you look through their online store thoroughly and you will find what you want.


Free delivery is included on all orders over £200 and they aim to despatch your items within 5 days.



Tel: 0845 6018370

Email: sales@allsportsawards.com

Website: http://www.allsportsawards.co.uk

Twitter: @allsportsawards

Facebook: AllSportsAwards - Trophies, Awards and Medals

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