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My computer wont switch off.


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Ive searched other threads on here first, and they are all about comps.that wont switch on.

After an automatic update which told me to leave my computer switched on, after it had switched itself off, I switched it on again, and the computer screen was completely blank, but the computer itself wouldnt switch off. Its still stuck in this frozen position.Im using a very old comp.to post this thread. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do to switch it off. I have tried unplugging it, but it still remains switched on.

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I suspect it is the notebook? Have you held the power button down for 4 seconds? That should shut it down, even with power unplugged - Wouldn't want to try and remove the battery while powered up!


No its not a notebook its an ordinary wifi laptop. Yes, Ive held the power button down for 4 seconds but makes no difference.

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I'd get frustrated and take the battery out, of course you shouldn't do so, but thats what I would do.


Oooer, I darent do that Leah, as Im not technically minded. It does need updating so if it still wont switch off in the morning, I shall ring my computer man. Thanks for your help.:)

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