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Silver two pence peice

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Guest sibon

New 2p pieces are steel with a copper coating. It sounds like you've got one that has had the coating removed.

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Can any one help I found a silver 2p coin in my change I thought it was 10p are they worth anything


It may be a coin that hasnt quite been coated in copper during the plating stage and its made of steel Im afraid.

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I can remember in my schooldays turning copper coins silver in biology lessons, by dipping them in Millon's reagent. It was/is a reagent for testing for soluble proteins and made by dissolving mercury in nitric acid :gag:


I wonder if it's still allowed in schools these days?

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And that pic of 2p its different its like a 10p peic


Is it an old 10p? They used to be a bit bigger than a 2p. Worth 10p if it is & if you want to try cashing it. Maybe it's a foreign coin. It'd be easier to guess if we had a picture. If it is actually solid silver, then it might be worth between 3 & 5 pounds, but that's unlikely. Silver coloured coins are only usually worth their face value.


If it's a 2 shilling coin, then it's also worth 10p, unless it's from before 1947, they had some silver in.

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