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Fashion Conundrums

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What are the most anal and annoying phrases that everyone seems to use nowadays especially when describing something, or just because they like to follow the crowd and think it gives them bigger status, or even worse, governments and broadcasters brainwashing propaganda.


Mine are these cultural references...


Juxtapose - Meaning to place or deal with close together for contrasting effect.


War on terror - Basically meaning a never ending and unjustified conflict between numerous countries.


The American dream - Something which simply does not exist on planet earth.


God save our Queen - Why would anyone just save one person, wouldn't someone need to save everyone?


God bless America - Why would anyone bless one country, wouldn't someone have to bless the world?


Pledging allegiance - Why would anyone pledge allegiance to one country, wouldn't you have to pledge allegiance to the world in its entirety, seeing as all our countries owe everything they have to other cultures and other nations and pledging allegiance to one country is the ultimate ignorance.


Poking and Tweeting - As soon as the social network bubble bursts the better.


Political correctness - Who ever invented this should be hung, drawn and quartered.


On trend - Basically another way of saying inn fashion.


Love heart hand gestures - Oh please, go shove it.


Credit crunch - Basically saying the world is F.U.B.A.Rd.

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In the 1980s people used to say, "Go for it."


In the 1990s it was, "Wickeeeeed"


In the naughties it was, "Proppa," and people who just to make statements as though they were asking questions.


There are phrases which are fashionable now, it's crazy.

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