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West one remaining two kits now safe


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Cat-lover traffic warden caught the black kit low down in the thick, prickly undergrowth, then had to go to work! He did an amazing job. I caught the remaining little tabby who had managed to crawl 6 feet up through the ivy.


I asked for my earlier post to be closed as I never thought kits as young as this could survive cold and rain for days on end without mum and I thought it would end in tears! They looked so helpless and fragile.


All six kits are now reunited with their mum at Millhouse Animal Sanctuary, thanks to them - lovely people.


Post can really be closed now! Thanks Moonbird x

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Well done again Maggie,you do such a brill job,it's overfull everywhere just now isn't it.Our foster kits went back to the Centre yesterday and it's that bad that we did a straight swapover for another little one. I've passed your email on to another couple looking for a kitten so hopefully there's another home for one.

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