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Beautiful Hound pics


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We were driving through part of Warrington over the weekend, and I spotted what I thought was a Basset out on a walk (nose down in the grass, so I couldn't see a head, just a tail and body - as one would expect to find with a scent hound :D )


This hound seemed to be missing 'furnishings', so I leapt out of the car and went to talk to its 'dad' :)


I thought some of you (one member in particular ;) ) might like to see what you might get when you cross a Springer with a Basset!



('Dad' tried to tell us the stupid name given to this crossbreed, but I'm ignoring it :suspect: )

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i saw two boys in many tears rescue

they was crossed with a basset / springer

they had got the same sort of markings as this

one but i tell you they just looked like basset hounds

they was lovely

this is a lovely girl i think it is its got that basset face hasn't it :)

I'm hoping in years to come you see less wrinkly bassets

like gorge is i think he looks great & he is well set how all of

them should be with a bit of Albany in them as well

but i still love my basset hounds hey I'm an addict

i need help i need to go to basset hounds anonymous :hihi::hihi:

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Nice dog :) My friend has a staffy cross basset, she is a wonderful dog
I'm guessing that this one is in one of the other pics in the album you link to... but no face shot!



What's your hound made up of Ami? and what's the other one in the pic?

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