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What router for Ask4 40Mb broadband and VOIP ?

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Need a good router that will with well with Ask4 40Mb broadband / VOIP phone system. They supplied a Cellpipe 7130 which is locked down and can only be used as the modem. I am ot exactly sure what we need to enable the VOIP system? I guess vlan so we can isolate the phone system from the rest of it. Never set up a VOIP system before though so thought I would ask on here.


Any recommendations? We have tested the internet using a Netgear DGND3700, but would like to think we don't need anything that expensive.




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It depends really.


I use a Draytek 2820 Vn, and that has two voip ports built in, but there's nothing stopping you using something like a PAP2T adapter and use any router you want.


I'd recommend a draytek though, as the QOS works well, and I can really hammer the internet connection and the wife doesn't notice when she's yapping away.


The Netgear is a home grade router, and my personal experience with Netgear stuff isn't brilliant.

It's better than some of the alternatives, TP-Link, Tenda, Belkin for example but Cisco/Linksys is better and then Draytek is better still.

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