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Free website for parents to find family activities

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Hi everyone,


Just letting you know where you can now find some great active things to do for yourselves and your children. As a mum, I know how hard it is to find things to do without trawling everywhere for the best options.




Our family run community-based website aims to help families get active, find fun things to do together and encourage us all to get a bit more involved as a community, providing support and encouragement where we might need it.


Please sign up, it's all free and I hope it can really make a positive difference to the lives of kids - helping them get involved in fun activities and sport. We work with charities and Change4Life.


Some of the fun things our members have listed:

- Various sports

- Free family cycling classes

- Dance activities for children & parents

- Martial Arts & Relaxation Techniques

- Mother & Baby Groups

- Snooker

- Fun Zones & Play arenas

- Bootcamps & Personal Training


You can check the Discussion Board, look at the Groups we have that can be joined - no obligation just for information or you can have a look through all of our members to find who's offering what.


It's all FREE!


I really hope you want to get on board with the initiative and you can also check us out of Facebook.com/FunMeFit or on Twitter @FunMeFit


Thanks guys xx

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Thanks for that. We'd be happy to have your events on the website and help you promote them.


Just e-mailed you, pass on our details to anyone else who may be interested.





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