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Live music wanted for BBQ at homeless project

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:help:Hello lovely kind-hearted musicians!:help:


We are a temporary accommodation project for homeless people in Sheffield City Centre (very close to West St/Devonshire Green). On Thursday 24th May 2012, between 12 - 4pm, we are having a BBQ and social event in the back garden. We would love it if any local musicians that are willing could come down to play a set.


Given the nature of our project, we are unable to offer a fee unfortunately (though we may be able to provide a small amount to cover expenses). It would be a really nice thing to do for the community though and we would be very grateful. We are very open minded as to what kind of thing we have-classical, rock, jazz, folk, whatever would all be great, just as long as it isn't going to be so loud and/or niche interest that it will scare people off!


We don't have a PA system but if you have any technical requirements I will see what we can sort out. If anybody is interested, please do get in touch - either by replying on this thread or give me a ring in office hours on 0114 2798914.

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